xu4 – Ultima 4 Recreated

Produced by: Andrew Taylor, Darren Janeczek
Website: xu4- Ultima IV @ SourceForge

xu4 (Windows)

The Windows port of an SDL-based remake of the Ultima 4 engine.

xu4 (OS X)

The OS X port of an SDL-based remake of the Ultima 4 engine. Requires OS X version 10.4 or later.

Andrew Taylor’s SDL-based re-creation of the Ultima 4 game engine is intended to be cross-platform, much as Exult is for Ultima 7. The project fell dormant after 2008, but was subsequently restarted in 2011 by Darren Janeczek, who went on to improve xu4’s gameplay experience, and restructured the code to facilitate the goal of porting the game to mobile platforms. Although those ports never emerged, the xu4 engine is overall much more stable and performant now.

xu4 is also compatible with the graphics update for Ultima 4. It still requires Ultima 4 to run, but this can be downloaded for free from a number of sources.


WtF Dragon

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  1. Avatar Petrell says:

    Both windows binaries (beta3 and snapshot) seem to be corrupt. There’s also newer snapshot available at xu4 site dated 2010-01-15.

  2. Avatar wtf_dragon says:


    I’m wondering if perhaps…you know what? I need to rethink how I’m doing this. It’s perhaps fortunate that my wife is going away to the Olympics this week; I can tie up the Internet bandwidth without fear of lagging her out of what she’s doing.

    I’ll upload my recovered archive of files from my old host and see about overwriting files copied to the current server from my optical backups; there seems to be a higher rate of data corruption in the optical set.

  3. Avatar Saxon1974 says:

    I like this project ALOT, but Im not confident they are stable. Granted they are still considered beta so not a full release. I wonder if the full release will ever happen?

    I was playing snapshot from like 1-25-2011 and the game froze every time in the Castle prison. Due to this I decided to play the C64 versino of the game.

    As nice as this one is I didnt wanna play half way through the game and then have a gamebreaking bug.

    Great work on it though, it looks and sounds fantastic and the customizable options are wonderful. I’ll keep checking on it from time to time.

    • Avatar WtF Dragon says:

      I think a full release will happen some day, but perhaps not as soon as it might since the developer is splitting his efforts between improving this version and getting the iOS version working.

      Thanks for reporting the bug. I’ll relay it to Darren.

  4. Avatar Saxon1974 says:

    I already posted the bug on the bug tracker section of the project page. Thanks for the reply.

  5. Avatar Muddro says:

    Game freezes in Castle Britain prison section, which is very easy to encounter as it is close to the throne room. I see this was reported 6 years ago. I wanted this to be playable but that freeze kills it for me.

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