Alternate Ultima 4 Tileset

Produced by: Josh Steele
Website: u4graphics @ GitHub

Alternate Ultima 4 Graphics

Josh Steele’s 256-colour alternate grachics for xu4 (Ultima 4).

Josh Steele drew up this alternate set of tiles for Ultima 4 almost twenty years ago, first in 16 colours, and then again in 256 colours. Apparently, it has enjoyed use in a few fan-made games, though the set was only released publicly a few years ago. The set is incomplete, but Steele — as of early 2017 — has been working on finishing up the remaining tiles.

These graphics requre xu4 to use.


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  1. Avatar Frederick says:

    Downloaded this, just had two zipped .png files. Tried going into the game’s Graphics folder and placing them in the png subfolder, but no difference in the game. Where do they go, eh?

    • Avatar WtF Dragon says:

      Hang on, I’ll see if I can find someone who knows xu4 better than I.

      • Avatar Frederick says:

        Thank ya, even if unsuccessful. Love XU4, but the default tiles are pretty icky. They’re probably better than DOSbox, but I was spoiled by the over-saturated Apple ][ color monitors. So a 256 color tileset sounds great and looks great from the .png files.

        Kinda surprised over 100 downloads on this and nobody has asked how to install them.

        • Avatar WtF Dragon says:


          Okay, here’s what Houston Dragon suggested when I took this problem to the UDFC:

          Dump the files into the C:\Program Files (x86)\xu4\graphics\png folder, then select “C” at the title screen, and choose VGA-ALLPNG for the graphics, and save.

          Give that a try?

          • Avatar Frederick says:

            Thank you and thank him. Fooled around endlessly with the Configure in the game before, but the way the window is set up, I thought my only Video Options were Scale, Mode, Filter and Gamma. The “Game Graphics Options” looks like the banner to me, but it’s a menu. Far out.

            It’s now beautiful!

          • Avatar WtF Dragon says:

            Sweet deal, and glad that worked for you!

  1. May 5, 2017

    […] You can download the tileset — still a work in progress — from said GitHub page, or from the project entry here at the Codex. […]

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