Classic Ultima Online (Formerly Ultima 4 Multiplayer)

Produced by: Shattered Moon
Website: Classic Ultima Online

Classic Ultima Online Local Client/Server Setup

Files to install the locally-playable (that is: offline) client and server for Classic Ultima Online.

This promising project took Ultima 4 into the realm of online gaming! Shattered Moon built both the game client and server which, when paired with the Ultima 4 game files on your hard drive (a free copy of Ultima 4 can be obtained via GOG), allowed you to take on the Quest of the Avatar…with your friends. Or with complete strangers!

Sadly, the only known CUO server was taken offline toward the end of 2016. However, Shattered Moon reworked both the client and server for the game to allow for local, offline play, so the experience of Classic Ultima Online is not lost entirely.

Once you’ve installed and launched Classic Ultima Online, you will be able to create a character — via the traditional Ultima 4 character creation sequence — and you will begin in the town appropriate to the character class you end up with. If you want a bit of a visual treat, make use of the F2 and F3 keys! And, if you want to play through Ultima 1, 2, or 3 — assuming you have the original game files on your hard drive and have configured Classic Ultima Online to see these — be sure to visit Lord British and ask about the past.

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