Ultima 4 Hythloth Fix

Produced by: Seth Gupton

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Ultima fan and Codex of Ultima Wisdom editor Seth “Fenyx4” Gupton was messing around in Hythloth in Ultima 4, and came upon a room on the 6th level of the dungeon that should have had an exit to the west…but didn’t. The western rooms on that level of the dungeon also lacked starting locations for players, which made that part of the dungeon behave…rather oddly.

This is a well-known known problem, it seems.

As such, Fenyx4 has produced a patched version of the dungeon, which makes the 6th level work properly. This was achieved by placing a trigger in the first room of the level which opens a section of the western wall thereof. Starting locations for players were also placed in the room.

I would assume that this fix is for the DOS version of the game, as Fenxy4 is also wondering if any Ultima fans have encoutnered the aforementioned issues in the Apple II version of the game.

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