Ultima IV Reborn

Produced by: Devi, Glanestel Dragon, DanCar, and Xenovant
Website: Ultima IV Reborn @ Neverwinter Vault

Ultima IV Reborn (AeT English/Italian 1.2)

A remake of Ultima 4 for Neverwinter Nights.

Ultima GUI for Neverwinter Nights

An Ultima-themed GUI and launcher for Neverwinter Nights. See here for more information.

Ultima Music for Neverwinter Nights Main Menu

Ultima-themed music for the Neverwinter Nights main menu. See here for more information.

Ultima Portraits for Neverwinter Nights

Ultima-themed (and other) character portraits for Neverwinter Nights. See here for more information.

This remake of Ultima 4 appeared on the Neverwinter Vault back in July 2003, although it only came to the Codex’s attention some years later.

While not completely faithful to the original, this remake does do a good job of re-telling the story of Ultima 4, and it seems that what few omissions/changes are present are a result of the choice of engine. For example, the moongates do not appear/disappear according to the moon phases of Britannia. And while this can be implemented in Neverwinter Nights, it does require a good deal of tedious and time-consuming event-scripting.

Years later — in 2010, to be more precise — Ultima IV Reborn saw a number of bug fixes and updates made to it courtesy of Glanestel Dragon, mostly based on feedback from people who’ve played the mod. An Italian translation of the mod — which translated most of the text in the mod, and also included alternate portraits and a different version of Stones — was released soon thereafter, and for a while was the most up-to-date version of the mod.

As of 2017, however, the Italian translation has been converted to a dual-language (English and Italian) version, keeping all of the updates and enhancements of the Italian version, but adding in faux Middle English text and dialogue again. The appearance of many of the monsters has also been adjusted to bring them more in like with Ultima lore, and custom portraits (including many that have been brought over from Ultima V: Lazarus), custom item icons, and Ultima-themed loading screens have also been included.

Optionally, an Ultima-themed GUI, an Ultima music pack, and still yet more Ultima-inspired character portraits are also available.

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