Ultima IV Reborn

Produced by: Devi and Glanestel Dragon
Website: Ultima IV Reborn @ Neverwinter Vault

Ultima IV Reborn (Version 1.21)

A remake of Ultima 4 for Neverwinter Nights.

Ultima IV Reborn (Italian)

An Italian translation of Ultima IV Reborn, a remake of Ultima 4 for Neverwinter Nights.

This remake of Ultima 4 appeared on the Neverwinter Vault back in July 2003, although it only came to my attention some years later.

While not completely faithful to the original, this remake does do a good job of re-telling the story, and it seems that what few omissions/changes are present are a result of the choice of engine. For example, the moongates do not appear/disappear according to the moon phases of Britannia. And while this can be implemented in Neverwinter Nights, it does require a good deal of tedious and time-consuming event-scripting.

More recently, Ultima IV Reborn has seen a few bug fixes and updates made to it courtesy of Glanestel Dragon, mostly based on feedback from people who’ve played the mod. An Italian translation of the mod — which translates most of the text in the mod, and also includes alternate portraits and a different version of Stones — is also available.

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